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An incredible plan for Europeans, Canadians and other internationals to not only own real estate in America, but vacation and profit from the
"Smart Home Program"
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The Windsor,  3,300 sq. ft. "Smart Home" provides up to 3 separate living quarters.  What a blessing this home can be! Click "What is a Smart Home" and see why
The Brantham, a 2,400 sq. ft. "Smart Home" which provides 2 separate living quarters.  Built in Florida, it became our first "Florida" cape style "Smart" home.
Although not a "Smart Home", Quality Affordable Homes built this 2,345 sq. ft. home in Hidden Oaks, Bradenton, FL and features 3 bedroom split design with 3 full baths (including a pool bath), den, formal LR and DR with large family room. A lot of house for the square footage.
Another Quality Affordable Home built in Mill Creek, Bradenton, FL.  Although not a "Smart Home", this nearly 2,200 sq. ft. home featured a 3 bedroom split design, great room, formal living and dining.
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NEW!.....Euro-Connect and Canada-Connect

We are making the "Smart Home" concept known to Europeans and Canadians who can benefit tremendously from renting out their American vacation home on an extended basis, and using the "in-law" area for themselves when they come abroad for "holiday". What a great way to own a vacation home (near Disney, for example), while the house can provide recreational, income and investment opportunity! Just read the details on the right to see how this can benefit you tremendously
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Here is How It Works                                   (for both vacation and second homes).........

Build a "Smart Home" in an area of interest to where you would like to vacation (we recommend Florida and North Carolina).  By renting the main part of the house, you obtain income to pay for expenses (mortgage, insurance, taxes, maintenance).  The goal is to derive sufficient rent to pay for the total expenses (mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance).  Then, the "vacation" addition is that part of the house which you would have available for your own use while on "holiday" or vacation, as we call it in America.  In other parts of this website, we have defined this addition to the house as an "in-law" apartment.

Numerous benefits can be achieved by taking advantage of this concept, as explained below.

Besides being able to secure lodging while on "holiday", you now can profit handsomely from owbning an investment in American real estate.  Through "How to Become a Millionaire Using the Smart Home Program", we explain in the link above how any person can realistically become a millionaire (or greater) within a 13 to 17 year time horizon.   If you are not familiar how this works, please read the associated link above (note: this concept is based on American tax law and may not accurately portray your situation as tax laws may vary country to country).  For a shortened version of how this works, read the How To Become a Millionaire Using the "Smart Home" Program by                      .  As  mentioned earlier in another section of this website, the advantages of renting out the main portion of the house is not only for profit, but also to provide security to the homestead while you are away. Moreover, a potential for even more income is possible by renting out the "vacation" addition as well.  Since you would most likely use the "vacation" addition temporarily, greater income can be obtained by renting out the "vacation" addition as a bed & breakfast or short term rental (monthly), for example.  Either way, with two income sources, it may be possible to derive enough income to immediately and directly profit from this arrangement.  And this does not take into consideration the increasing equity that a "Smart Home" should attain.  This is noteworthy, because real estate generally appreciates well above inflation and in numerous instances, acts as a very powerful investment. One only has to look at New York, London, Hong Kong and many other markets to see what incredible price appreciation has taken place in the real estate sector.  Therefore, if you can invest in a commodity that historically appreciates well above inflation, than you have the ability to profit substantially from such an investment.  Not only that, but this type of real estate, as a commodity (tangible asset), is something which you can derive enjoyable use from as well.

Another way to invest in American real estate and profit extremely well is to build and sell "Smart Homes" on a regular basis.  A series of tiered plans can be incorporated to produce the greatest opportunity for this plan to succeed. Because a "Smart Home" has so much to offer, it often becomes a quick seller just based on its desirability.  It is not unusual that during the construction phase, you will be able to sell the house before completion.  If this is the case, once the contract is signed, you're ready for your next "Smart Home" project (i.e. profit).  However, if you were not able to get an immediate sale, I would list the property with a discount real estate broker (offering to sell your property on a 1-2% commission basis) for a period of 3 months.  If after that time frame you cannot obtain a seller, the next step would be to consider renting the property with a option to purchase.  This market is an extremely good one. There are many individuals, because of previous financial problems, desire to purchase a home but cannot because of their inability to qualify for a standard mortgage.  Many of these individuals are not deadbeats, but have just gone through some tough times financially.  By setting up a lease with the option to purchase, you not only obtain monthly income to pay for expenses, but also incorporate a rental surcharge for the option to purchase.  One way of doing this would be to rent out your "vacation" addition as a bed & breakfast or short term monthly rental.  The additional rental income obtained would go toward paying this option. At the same time, the house could either be sold at the "sale" price agreed to at the point of sale or at the time you consummate the sale (typically within 1-3 years).  So if housing prices are increasing 10% yearly, a $200,000 house would be sold at an agreed to $220,000 sale price one year from the time of initial contract signing.  It is noteworthy to state that it is common for the buyers to place a significant downpayment on the purchase of the property, usually a minimum of 5%.  This equates to a $10,000 downpayme for a $200,000 priced home that you keep if the buyer defaults the contract, which includes not paying the rent.  The upside to this arrangement is that you have sold your property.  Secondly, in the remote case that a default occurs, you not only take back the property, but also retain the $10,000 downpayment, plus any rent payments made. 

Most individuals wonder how such a property can be tended or maintained while the owner is back in their home country. Numerous property management companies exist which can help with the custodial care of maintaining a property. Personally, I would recommend that an arrangement be worked out with your long term renter.  Possibly, you can give them a reduced rental fee for tending to the property. Another aspect to this, especially if you were to rent out the "vacation" addition while at home, is to split the profits in half with the long term renters, with the understanding they would tend to the property (maintenance, cleaning, renting, etc.). I personally believe this would be the best arrangement.  In so doing, you not only achieve a monthly income from your long term renter, but security and maintenance for the house at the same time.  Moreover, by renting out the "vacation" addition, you can gain additional income and bless your long term renter with 1/2 the profit. It truly is a win/win situation for all concerned and provides for a "worry-free" rental arrangement for you.  As we have stated previously, there are very few investments programs that allow this type of gain (i.e. profit) to be realistically and safely made without risks commonly associated with stock/commodity market investing.

Our company would be more than happy to help you find and acquire the land to build a "Smart Home".  We would act as your personal advisor/consultant to provide you with the greatest vacation/investment opportunity available.  At the same time, we would act in the same capacity in building you the most "Quality" and "Affordable" home that can be gotten. That is our mission and goal for our clients. Please feel free to contact us with your interests and desires.
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