Note: Quality Affordable Homes can build your own dreamhouse on any lot offered for sale.  In fact, we have a plan for a 3 bedroom French Chalet style home called the The "PeaceHaven" for lot 37 on Hilltop Lane, Hayesville, NCClick here to take a look at this "Smart Home".
A New Way to Look At Land/Lot Availability Throughout the USA

By using the combination of and Google Earth, you will come as close as you can to almost being "there" without having to travel to each and every available lot.  Here's how you do it. First, go to               and click on advanced search, located at the top right hand corner of the page directly below Map Search.  Note location by entering city/town name or zip code.  Then select price range followed by checking land/lot interest and unchecking other choices (if you don't do this all the other checked items will also come up in your search results).  In this section you can select Add Nearby Areas to broaden your search to include other towns, etc. Once done, go back and check which lot features you desire of the land. Below this area you will have a section that asks you to check what type of land your interested in. Lastly, below this is the Community Features section, which you can also check.  If the features are listed on the listing, they will pull the listing.  Once finished, select Search. will give you the results of your search.  By viewing each specific lot, hopefully an address will be noted.  At times, even a map is made available. Either print out results or jot down address.  Once collated, go to Google Earth and enter the given address in location entry field.                  will take you directly to the specific address. Once there, you can view the location by enlarging area thru the enlargement tool bar which is to the right of the compass viewing tool.  The slide bar on top of compass viewing tool allows you to obtain a "3-D" aspect.  This gives a general view of the terrain of the land.  Although the image is not competely accurate and becomes skewed the closer you get to the ground, it does give a fairly good representation of the "lay of the land".  This is as close as to "flying over the land" that you can accomplish without having to hire an airplane or helicopter to do the real thing.  Also noteworthy is the cursor that is placed over the land area gives the elevation of the area.  This is useful in determing how hilly or degree of dropoff a particular piece of property may be.  For the fact that these tools are free, they truly can be helpful in sorting out lots in a specific area.  Also realize that is somwhat delayed in noting properties that have gone off the market either as pending or sold.  Therefore, it is advantageous to call your real estate agent or Quality Affordable Homes @ 941-730-0716 for assistance in this regard. 
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Lot For Sale                                           $49,000
Lot 37, Hilltop Lane                                      Hayesville, NC

This lake access lot is a 3 minute walk to the private deeded beach (see picture) of McClure Point.  It also offers a private concrete paved boat ramp which extends about 20' into the water for positive access.  The lot is 0.31 acre, gently sloped, private and offers a seasonal view of Lake Chatuge.  Lot 37 has a recently installed 3 bedroom septic system ( installed 7/12) with an approved permit.  It also has a well permit, therefore allowing a well to be installed within the next five years (five year permit).

Lake Chutuge is a fresh blue water lake with total watersports activities; swimming, boating, fishing, skiing, etc.  It offers over 168 miles of shoreline and is nestled between the quaint towns of Hiawassee, GA and Hayesville, NC.  The area also provides hiking, golfing (3 great golf courses within miles), great restaurants, a hospital, and the North Georgia Mountain Fair Activities Center.  It truly is a little bit of Switzerland in the south of the good ole USA.  
Quality Affordable Homes Land Offerings
Quality Affordable Homes can build your home in the following states of Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Massachusetts and eastern Tennessee.  All you need to do is find the lot of your choice and we can take it from there.  In fact, we can provide you with list of choice buildable lots which we feel are the best an area has to offer. Still, if you would like to investigate on your own, make sure you read about the newest and "coolest" way to find land, noted below, "A New Way to Look At Land/Lot Availability Throughout the USA".  Please, don't hesitate to let us know how we can help you achieve your dream home.
  A direct view of Lot 37 from Hilltop Lane, looking northeast.  

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Private deeded beach to Chatuage Lake, only a few minutes walk.
Private boat ramp as seen from McClure Rd. (note private deeded beach as shown in picture above is to the right by the umbrella picnic bench)
A view of Lake Chatuge from hill opposite McClure Point, which is to the left of the lake on this picture.  Hilltop Lane is located approximately 1.5 miles from the point where this picture is taken on Windy Ridge Lane, opposite Rt 69.
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