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                   -   a map location finder on the web. Works great to find out how to get to a specific address.

                 -    a website that features almost all the homes and land listings listed by realtors in America.  A significant majority of this list is derived from the multiple listing service, the mainstay for all realtors to help people seek out property.  A great tool to look for land availability and houses on the market.

                    - a website that features an number of financial calculators to help you determine your home/land affordability.  Also has amortizaton schedule, mortgage calculator and much more.

                      a site that allows you to download the program to access all views of much of the earth, for free!  Great way to look at property in both a virtual and aerial prospective.
The "Windsor", a 3,300 sq. ft. "Smart Home" provides up to 3 separate living quarters.  Click "Tour a Smart Home" on the top bar and see why.
The Brantham, a 2,400 sq. ft. "Smart Home" which provides 2 separate living quarters.  Built in Florida, it became our first "Florida" cape style "Smart" home.
Although not a "Smart Home", Quality Affordable Homes built this 2,345 sq. ft. home and features 3 bedroom split design with 3 full baths (including a pool bath), den, formal living and dining room with including a large family room. 
Another Quality Affordable Home built in Mill Creek, Bradenton, FL.  Although not a "Smart Home", this nearly 2,200 sq. ft. home featured a 3 bedroom split design, great room, formal living and dining.
The "Hamilton", a 4,400 sq. ft. "Smart Home" built in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, home of Friendly Ice Cream, provides up to 3 living quarters, 5 bedrooms, a hugh family room and beautiful 2 story volume ceiling foyer entrance makes this one of a kind in "Smart Home" architecture.
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