The Euro-Canada Connection

We are making the "Smart Home Program" known to European and Canadians who can benefit tremendously from renting out their American vacation home on an extended basis, and using the "in -law" area for themselves when they come abroad for "holiday". What a great way to own a vacation home (near Disney, for example), while providing an income and advancing their asset base at the same time (works for nationals too). 
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Tour a "Smart Home"
The Windsor,  3,300 sq. ft. "Smart Home" provides up to 3 separate living quarters.  What a blessing this home can be! Click "What is a Smart Home" and see why
The Brantham, a 2,400 sq. ft. "Smart Home" which provides 2 separate living quarters.  Built in Florida, it became our first "Florida" cape style "Smart" home.
Although not a "Smart Home", Quality Affordable Homes built this 2,345 sq. ft. home in Hidden Oaks, Bradenton, FL and features 3 bedroom split design with 3 full baths (including a pool bath), den, formal LR and DR with large family room. A lot of house for the square footage.
Another Quality Affordable Home built in Mill Creek, Bradenton, FL.  Although not a "Smart Home", this nearly 2,200 sq. ft. home featured a 3 bedroom split design, great room, formal living and dining.
Quality Affordable Homes
Featuring the "Smart Home Program"
in Alliance with Amazing Homes
We would like to offer you a networking plan which will provide the potential for handsome profits.  We offer 3 levels of involvement.  Take a look……

Level One

All you do is refer your client(s) to us who are looking for land to build, preferably a “Smart Home”.  All we would ask you do is minimally give them one of our business cards and ask them to investigate our website (the business card gives our website address).  If you have one of our presentation paks, we would ask that you also provide them with that.  That’s all there is to it!  If QAH is selected to build a house for one of these clients, whether they bought land from you or not, we will pay you a 5% commission on the total profits made on each house built.  For example, even if they purchase another lot, yet come to us as a referral through you, we will honor this aforementioned commission.  For example: if QAH realized $30,000 in profits/house built, then this will result in a $1,500/house ($30,000 x 0.05 = $1,500) commission to you.  This is quite a nice commission based on a simple referral of minimally handing out a business card and/or info-pak. Please be aware that will always ask prospective clients how they heard about us and if they mention your name, we will absolutely honor our commission promise to you. 

Level Two

Become more involved with networking with us by being our local representative in your territory.  This would involve taking calls and disseminating information paks for the “Smart Home“ concept.  This becomes important  if we would consider doing local advertising and/or if a lead is generated from EuroConnect, our premier European lead generating system (see corresponding web-link on the top left hand corner).  For example, if we receive a call of interest from someone in Britain looking to build a “Smart Home” and had an interest in your area, we would refer them directly to you for land acquisition. From that point, we would hope that you would become more pro-active in engaging the client to purchase not only the land, but also work them in choosing a “Smart Home” which best would fit their needs and desires as well as the best house design which would work with the lot.  Under this sales agreement, we would provide you a 7-½% referral. Therefore, if we build a “Smart House” for a client whom you have worked with, and we generate $30,000 profits (or more), your referral/involvement commission will now be $2,250 per house.   Don't forget to add the commission you would make on the land sale.

If you advertise in a national real estate magazines such as Homes & Land, The Real Estate Magazine and locally as well, possibly you could add a small spot of advertisement for the “Smart Home Program”.  This would be network advertising.  In so doing, we will offer a spot on our website for your company, free of charge, of course.  Again, any calls or contacts made initially through our company through such advertising will be directed back to you for land acquisition or a referral fee as described above.  For this level of involvement, we would have you sign-up with us.  However, on this level, even if you only hand out a business card, an info-pak or simply refer your clients to us, this will still result in a 7-½% referral.  Again, we promise to always ask all interested parties how they heard of us.  If it comes through you, on whatever basis, we promise to pay a commission.  It's really that simple and profitable.  Please call us and let's talk how we can increase our business together.

Level 3

On this level, you will act as the primary contact between the client and our company.  Besides the commission you would make with us and the commission made on the land sale, we would offer to pay you a agreed to hourly rate in regards to any situations that necessitates the need for you to meet with the customer.  We would be in a position to pay up to $50.00/hr. consulting fee upwards to a maximum of another 7-1/2% commission (which equates to 45 hours consulting time + 15% commission on profit), resulting in the potential of up to $4,500 commission and consulting fees.  Your decision to become involved at this level is your own and will primarily be concerned with meeting and helping the client during the building phase.
Realtor "Smart Home" Networking
Realtor "Smart Home" Expanded  Networking Opportunity

The potential to profit immensly with our Level 2 & Level 3 position can possibly hand you a great windfall. For example, if QAH were to partake in or begin a subdivision of "Smart Homes", by being signed-up as our local contact, you would have first right of refusal to become our lead sales agent for such a projet. Therefore, a subdivision of 50-200 homes can result in a great profit opportunity.
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Realtors and allied concerns, we have ad space available at excellant rates. Please give us a call at 941-730-0716 or contact us via email by clicking here.
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